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At COMHAR, inspiring hope, building self-confidence, encouraging independence and becoming integrated as part of a community are pillars of our service delivery model.


No matter the person or level of need, COMHAR will help you THRIVE!

Our Mission

"To provide health and human services that empower individuals, families and communities to live healthier, self-determined lives"

We believe that all people have the ability to change and grow and that services built on choice enable that growth.  We know that individual differences enrich our lives with diversity, new ideas and new perspectives. We know that people are spiritual beings who seek meaning and purpose for their lives and so we are committed to holistic care.  We see that peer support is effective in promoting growth and recovery.

Ultimately, it is the extraordinary community of individuals and employees that make COMHAR a special place.  It is “COMHAR People” who want to make a difference by supporting recovery and changing lives for the better.  From program to program, this spirit and commitment permeate our organization.

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At COMHAR, We Believe:
  • Individuals are more than their diagnosis or disability, they are people FIRST;

  • We respect every individual as a valuable person with unique capabilities;

  • We meet each person where he or she is and, from there, we build trust and a sense of partnership.

  • We help individuals identify strengths to build upon and dreams to aim for, making recovery a believable possibility.

  • Individuals choose their goals and own their growth and recovery process.  We are there to guide, coach, support, encourage and create opportunity.

Our services are delivered in homes, schools and throughout the community at 7 office locations along with over 100 residential sites.  COMHAR now has over 750+ dedicated staff providing person-centered care to more than 5,500 individuals each month.

COMHAR History

In 1969, a concerned mother, Dorothy Anderson, along with fellow citizens and community leaders, began meeting at Episcopal Hospital in North Philadelphia to develop mental health services for people in the neighborhoods of Kensington, Port Richmond, Fishtown, and Juniata Park. Community leaders, citizens, and family members who participated in these meetings would become the core of an advisory board for a new center with the goal of making the new program a freestanding (rather than hospital-based) center.

In 1974, a new nonprofit corporation was established and named COMHAR, Inc. In January 1975, Episcopal Hospital received a small staffing grant to expand to a full Community MH/MR Center. This grant was then transferred to the new corporation and COMHAR became a free standing center with a community governing board. Some of the members of that first group of concerned and committed citizens and family members continue to be involved today, over 45 years later.

From these early beginnings, COMHAR has grown and formed into a comprehensive human services organization by implementing community centers, community living arrangements, co-occurring behavioral health and addiction programs, services for the Latino community, services supporting individuals with HIV/Aids, and children and family services. Today, our services are offered in the Philadelphia, Montgomery and Northampton County communities, in homes, community centers and schools helping over 5,500 individuals each month. We provide a full array of recovery-oriented and quality-focused services.  Our services are diverse, from outpatient treatment, to day support and residential programs, to workshops, in order to bring support to persons where they are and in ways that support their individual recovery.

With over 750+ staff members, COMHAR is dedicated to our mission of providing services to support persons in their recovery and empower them on their journey.

Want to learn more about our history?
  • Woody Rosenbach - Chief Executive Officer

  • Trapeta B. Mayson - Chief Operating Officer

  • Tyrone Howell - Chief Financial Officer

  • Joseph Tran - Chief Information Officer 

  • Dr. Luis Bird - Medical Director

  • LaMar Brooks - Director Quality Management & Compliance

  • Orlando Castro - Director of Human Resources

  • Patrick Dooley - President

  • Gregory DeShields Treasurer

  • Dr. Branden Youngman

  • Donna Brenner

  • Jaliya Faulkner

  • Radhika Gopalakrishnan

  • Michelle Flowers

Interested in learning more about our Board of Directors?

Please contact Jacqueline Polanco at

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