Children and Family Services

COMHAR offers a range of behavioral health services for children and families. We know that early diagnosis and treatment are keys to successful recovery, and that children do better when they are not removed from home or school to receive services. Our integrated approach allows parents and teachers to be more involved and participate more actively in the education and treatment process.

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DID YOU KNOW: COMHAR has a special children’s services division specifically for Spanish Speaking populations.
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Children’s Outpatient Evaluation and Counseling

COMHAR offers outpatient evaluation and counseling for youth beginning at age 5. Services include psychiatric evaluation, medication management, family therapy, individual and group therapy for children, all with heavy focus on building familial strength and community support.  Services are available both for children with existing behavioral health diagnoses and for those whose families want them to be assessed.


For more information, call COMHAR Central Registration at 267-861-4382 or

e-mail us.

Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE)

The Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE) program is designed for families of children up to age 3 who are concerned about their child's development. A trained cognitive specialist will work to identify any difficulties, using a play-based assessment and the parent's own observations to evaluate the child's main areas of development. The assessment can be done at the child's home or at a daycare location. Families will receive feedback immediately following the session, and a type-written report shortly thereafter in clear, non-technical wording. COMHAR will refer the child for any ongoing services he or she is eligible for. 

To refer a child who is newborn to 3 years old, please contact the Philadelphia Infant Toddler Early Intervention program at 215 685-4646.

COMHAR offers outpatient services for adults at four convenient locations:
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Behavior Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)

COMHAR's Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (formerly Wraparound Services) works with young people who are exhibiting more serious emotional and mental health symptoms. Children receive intensive services at home, in school, or both in order to help them reduce or replace problem behaviors with more positive, socially appropriate behaviors, with the highest priority placed on family engagement throughout the process. 


Families can sign up for BHRS by calling 215-427-5750, via e-mail or by referral from a social worker.

School Therapeutic Services (STS)

School Therapeutic Services (STS) offers children grades K through 8 an alternative to traditional Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) services in the school setting.  The goals of STS are to provide youth with interventions that support academic learning and to prevent the child from going into crisis while at school. Treatment is done in partnership with parents and school leadership, with the highest priority placed on engaging the family in the process.  This service can be requested by the family, school staff, or through district’s Comprehensive Student Assistance Process (CSAP).

The child must be eligible for medical assistance and will be evaluated by licensed psychologist or physician to determine medical necessity.

Summer Therapeutic Camps (STC)

COMHAR provides therapeutic support at six different camp sites consisting of a Therapeutic Support Services Worker, who works with a group of up to 3 children and a Lead Clinician who provides daily support to the camp, your child, and the TSS working with him or her. Our staff are committed to making sure that each child has a fulfilling summer while doing our best to integrate each child into the total camp experience.  Children who receive behavioral health services may be eligible for a Madeline Moore Grant to assist with camp payment

More information on Summer Therapeutic Camps can be obtained by calling 215-427-5750 or via e-mail.