Resources for Seniors

We believe older adults have the right to plan and manage their own lives and especially be better informed.  The following resources are highly informative and valuable for seniors to improve their health, independence, productivity and quality of life. We highly encourage our senior citizens to use all free resources that are available to them.  


Senior Moving Made Easy With Senior Moving Services


Many seniors spend years planning to move after they retire, whether it’s to a warmer climate, a downsized house, or closer to grandkids. When it comes time to make it happen, though, it can be overwhelming. Luckily for seniors, there are ways to make moving during retirement easier than ever. Visit COMHAR for the resources for seniors that could help.


Find Your Home

Before you can plan a move, you need to find the right home for your situation. Senior-friendly homes are widely available, with many added perks such as walk-in bathtubs, lights along stairs, and smart home technology, making senior living safer and more convenient than ever. Check areas for available resources that can help seniors live dignified and independent lives.


Most seniors have a stable budget that they have to work within. See how much you can afford by using an online affordability calculator that can tell you what your likely mortgage will be depending on various factors such as home price, interest rate, and down payment.


Hire Senior Moving Services

Moving can be an unwieldy process for anyone, and it can be especially difficult for seniors. Senior moving services are designed to manage the moving process from beginning to end so that seniors don’t have to worry about the time, energy, and physical toll that moving can take on a person. Most senior moving services offer the same kinds of services, though there may be the following differences:


1. Home Layout Planning

The first thing most services will do is make a detailed floor plan of the available space in your future home. Together you will decide where all of your furniture will go in your new home to make sure everything fits and to have a plan for when everything is eventually unpacked.


2. Decluttering and Downsizing

A lot of extra stuff can be accumulated over the course of a lifetime, and there’s nothing like moving to show you just how much you have. Senior move managers will help you declutter, organize and sort all of the extraneous belongings so that you can decide what you want to keep and move to your new residence and what you want to get rid of.

3. Selling, Donating, and Disposing of Unwanted Items

Once you’ve decided what you no longer need, senior moving services can take care of getting rid of it for you. Items that aren’t going to be sold will be donated and disposed of appropriately.


Senior move managers can arrange the sales of those items you’d like to make some money on. Many services employ or have contracts with estate sales experts who can manage the sale of your items.


4. Professional Packing, Moving, and Unpacking

Senior moving services handle all of the physically taxing aspects of moving. Your furniture and other belongings will be packed up and hauled to your new home by professionals. Once there, it will be unpacked and set up just as you and your senior moving service had planned from the beginning.


5. Other Services

Senior moving services can also handle tasks like arranging for storage of items, cleaning, and shopping services, connecting you with a realtor, and preparing for the sale of your home.


Don’t let stress over moving take over your life. Engage a senior moving service to take care of your needs, getting you out of your old residence and into your new home and arranging for whatever senior services you desire. When you’re able to relax and enjoy your retirement free from the stress of moving, you’ll be glad that you did.































Below is a small sample of our most used resources for seniors: