Intellectual/Developmental Disability Services

COMHAR helps individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) reach their fullest potential and live happy, productive lives. No matter the need, we can offer customized treatment programs that give individuals the skills they need to thrive at home or in their communities.  COMHAR offers a complete spectrum of services and has been a trusted name for over 45 years.

Many IDD Services are offered at our Vanderwoude Center:

3825 Whitaker Ave.

Philadelphia, Pa. 19124

Phone: (215) 425-9212

Fax: (215) 425-5720

Training and Employment Services //

programs for adults to learn skills for a more productive life.

Adult Day Training Program (ADT)

The Adult Day Training Program (ADT) offers services that are provided in both facility and community-based settings for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as those with intensive physical health needs (wheelchair, tube feeding, catheters, colostomy).  Supports are offered through a variety of activities that develop life, socialization, motor, and adaptive skill sets. 


Access to ADT services is made through the Consolidated and PFDS Waivers or through private pay.

Pre-vocational Training

The Pre-vocational Program gives individuals the skills necessary to pursue vocational/employment interests in both facility and community-based settings. Services are structured to simulate an actual work environment and focus on the development of skills that teach appropriate work behaviors and attitudes fostering independence, growth, and self-fulfillment. Individuals are compensated for marketable products which they produce, or for services which they perform while engaged in their training. 


Access to Pre-Vocational services is through the Consolidated or PFDS Waivers or private pay.

Supported Employment

The Supported Employment service provides one-to-one employment support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or any other Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) approved disability. Staff assist individuals in finding a job which complements their skills and matches their abilities. A job coach works directly with the individual and the employers to enable the learning of job responsibilities and support to ensure successful outcomes. For eligible individuals, individualized pre-placement, job find and on-the-job support services are funded by OVR.

Access to Supported Employment services is made through Consolidated or Person/Family Directed Support(PFDS) Waivers, OVR contract, Adult Autism Waiver or private pay.




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Community-Based Services //

Services provided in the home or through community partners

Home and Community Habilitation (Community-Based Instruction)

The Community-Based Instruction service strives to develop and enhance community awareness and community/employment interests for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through participation in various community and volunteer activities, this program helps to build bridges to the community that reward their efforts with recognition and acknowledgement, and expose individuals to the opportunities available to them that enable them to make informed choices.  


Access to Community-Based Instruction services is through the Consolidated, PFDS Waivers, Adult Autism Waiver or private pay

Companion Services

The Companion Service provides for supervision and assistance for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, within the participant’s home and within the community. Dedicated and friendly staff work closely with the participant and family, providing services such as supervision and assistance for the purposes of the personal health and safety of the individual.


Access to Companion Services is through the Consolidated or PFDS Waivers or private pay.

Older Adult Services

Our Seniors Program (60+ years) is part of a service continuum that meets the full range of individual needs by promoting personal growth, self-image and maintaining a high quality of life both in our facility and out in the community. These activities maintain or improve the individual’s physical fitness, tolerance, mental acuity, self-image and self-worth. 

Access to our Seniors Program is made through the Consolidated and PFDS Waivers or through private pay.

Support Services //

Many of our intensive support services are provided in the home

COMHAR’s Behavior Support Services Team is comprised of caring professionals who deliver clinical services in one-on-one settings to individuals in their home. Services include behavioral intervention, alternative modes of communication, sensory motor integration, and sexuality education. Our Behavior Specialists provide skills training for family members and caregivers to help them manage the challenges of living with and/or caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Access to Behavior Support services is through Consolidated/PFDS and Adult Autism Waivers or private pay.

Services for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are available through two COMHAR programs, Behavior Support Services and the Community Services Program.  Behavior Support Services provides in-home behavioral intervention and various trainings for individuals and their family members/caretakers. Community Services Program provides job assessment, community inclusion, job search and supported employment services for individuals interested in community integrated employment. 

Access to Autism Support services is through the Bureau of Autism Services’ (BAS) Adult Autism Waiver, as well as, private pay.


COMHAR provides residential support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in community homes located throughout North and Northeast Philadelphia and lower Montgomery County. Highly skilled professionals provide skills training and assist residents with daily living activities, engaging them in community experiences. Most individuals enrolled in our residential programs are also involved in training programs, employment, or volunteer activities outside of their home where they receive ongoing support.


Access to Residential services is through the Consolidated Waiver or private pay.